Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Holy fuck you. (Rant Time)

Heyyy Losers. <3 
So, it's no secret I like girls. The only problem I have is the assholes who say it's wrong, or that it's a choice I have made, or that it's a sin. Uhm, no. Last time I checked I have always liked girls. I didn't wake up one day and say to myself, "I am going to make myself fucking miserable for the rest of my life. WHOOP!!" Dumbass motherfuckers. God, I hate people. 

Speaking of God, I KNOW God loves me but I have been kicked out of more churches than I can count under the pretense that I am sinning by being who I am and that in the eyes of God I am disgusting and am going to hell. So, I haven't been to church for YEARS. How can you look at a child (like I was) and tell him/her God doesn't love him/her. How can you tell me that I am in the wrong by loving who I love. That's bullshit. 

SO y'all know how many suicides are from someone who was being fucked with by people who are against gays? Not even all of them are gay but it is in everybody's head that even being considered gay is the end of your life. Thus people taking their own. It's a horrible fact that we mist deal with. 

How about those of you who have a different opinion on how love should be just SHUT THE FUCK UP. You aren't the one dating/fucking/marrying someone of the same sex. So get the fuck over yourself. Oh, and BTW I am not corrupting your children. All they see are two girls/boys holding hands. They don't even realize the difference. More importantly they don't even CARE!! So why should you? As long as you are going to Heaven for being a good person what does it matter if I go or not? Even though I will because I am a good fucking person like 98% of the time. 

Next time you want to say some ignorant comment to a gay person or couple just think to yourself. Is it REALLY that important that they know right then and there how much you are grossed out? Is it worth it to completely kill someone on the inside, or to make them hate themselves? 

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