Thursday, July 4, 2013

*sigh* The 4th...

Well this years 4th was.... just another day. It's a day to spend with family but as usual my "family" secluded my older brother and myself. My younger brother on the other hand was the center of attention yet again. See in my family my older brother and I are outcasts. Allow me to explain. My mother and bio-dad got together. Had me and my older brother, James, and then got divorced. My mom met my step-dad. They had a son, Patrick. Granted my bio-dad is a fucking homophobic, racist, lowlife asshole, but that's beside the point. The way I view my "family" is: My mother, the man she fell in love with, their "perfect" son, and then there is my older brother and me. We are just the children from her previous marriage. Growing up James and I were given a decent living experience. When Patrick was born everything change. This fucking kid gets away with anything, and gets everything. It's fucking annoying. He never get punished, he has no responsibilities, he is bought whatever he wants and doesn't get in trouble when he DESTROYS his things. I am 19 and still have chores and get punished. The only difference is now my punishments are being kicked out of the house. Which, by the way, I pay rent at. Same goes for James. Ugh. I am severely annoyed now. 


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